Where Plastics meet Electronics

Smart Plastics Upper Austria is a continuously growing plattform for cooperation at the interface of mechatronics, plastics and design. Its members combine their technologies and core competences. The culture of open innovation networking boosts creative connections of innovative technologies and strengthens the partnership by corporate projects. The network provides reliable supply chains of technology within design, prototyping and product development.

International Hot Spot: Where Experts meet.

The complexity of this new field of technology does not automatically turn large companies into the stars of this growing domain. Creativity and flexibility are the required competencies and characteristics which provide the opportunities, especially to heterogeneous networks. Currently, the major customers of such technologies are watching closely where international centres for smart plastics come into existence. For them it is, of course, critical, not only whether innovations occur, but also what they can deliver.

The Congress: What it is about.

At the point where plastics, mechatronics and design touch each other, the future is formed. Wether it be control panels without switches and buttons, flexible solar cells or highly integrated medical diagnostic systems: smart plastics open the way for these visions to become reality. What will be the im – pact on the design of future devices and machines? How will we interact with our environment? Inspiring ideas will be transferred to reality.

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