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The Initiative Smart Plastics is part of activities of the

Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH
Hafenstrasse 47-51
A-4020 Linz

Tel.: +43-732-79810-5114
Fax: +43-732-79810-5110

Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH is a cluster and network management organisation. It promotes innovation through co-operation and competence and enhances the competitiveness of companies.

Company register number: 271378k
Company register court: Linz provincial/commercial court
UID no.: ATU 62134737

DI (FH) Werner Pamminger, MBA

Company Advisory Board
Dkfm. Dr. Michael Teufelberger
Chairman; shareholder, Teufelberger Holding AG

DI Friedrich Niederndorfer
Deputy Chairman; Chairman, Abatec Electronic AG

Ing. Rudolf Mark, Automotive Cluster Advisory Board spokesman, Mark Metallwarenfabrik GmbH
DI Dr. Friedrich Kastner, Plastics Cluster Advisory Board spokesman, ifw Manfred Otte GmbH
Mag. Roland Ragailler, Furniture & Wood Cluster Advisory Board spokesman, Sedda Polstermöbelwerke GmbH
Mag. Michael Farthofer, Health Cluster Advisory Board spokesman, AKAtech Produktions-u. Handels GmbH
Prok. Wolfgang Rathner, Mechatronics Cluster Advisory Board spokesman, Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Mag. Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, Environment Engineering-Cluster Advisory Board spokeswoman, Rabmer Bau Gruppe
DI Christian Cudly, Network Design & Media Advisory Board spokesman, in the Company Advisory Board on behalf of the networks, Bitter GmbH
Ing. Manfred Huemer, Network Humanresources Advisory Board spokesman, Greiner Packaging GmbH
Hofrat Mag. Walter Winetzhammer, Department of Economy – Upper Austrian federal state government

DI Bruno Lindorfer, CEO, Upper Austrian Technology and Marketing Company (no voting right)
Dr. Joachim Haindl-Grutsch, CEO, Confederation of Upper Austrian Industry  (no voting right)
Dr. Hermann Pühringer, Head of the Economic Policy and International Trade Dept., Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce (no voting right)

Upper Austrian Technology and Marketing Company (TMG) (61%)
Hafenstrasse 47-51
A-4020 Linz
Tel.: +43-732-79810-5005

Company register number: 89326m
Company register court:  Linz provincial/commercial court
UID no.: ATU 37311609

Executive management:
DI Bruno Lindorfer


OOE Landesholding (56%)
Klosterstrasse 7
4021 Linz
Tel.: +43-732-7720-0
Company register number: 266251x
Company register court:  Linz provincial court
CEO: Dr. Dieter Widera
Owner: Upper Austrian government (100%)
Supervisory Board: Dr. Josef Pühringer, Dipl.-Ing. Erich Haider, Franz Hiesl, Josef Ackerl, Rudolf Anschober, Mag. Dr. Hermann Kepplinger, Viktor Sigl, Dr. Josef Stockinger, Dr. Silvia Stöger

Company object
Location and innovation agency of the federal province of Upper Austria

Company object
• The initiation, operation and co-ordination of co-operation and competence platforms.
• The promotion of know-how and technology transfers and co-operation and competence in clusters and networks.
• The internationalisation of cluster and network initiatives.
• The holding of information and educational events and the preparation, collation, transfer and dissemination of information.
• The completion of all types of innovation projects and provision of the related services.
• Involvement in the innovation projects of other management companies.
• The provision of services for the use of inter-company synergies.
• Support of location marketing and company location.
• The purchase and provision of the objects, infrastructure, fixtures and fittings required for the realisation of company objectives.
• Asset management.
• The provision of presentation possibilities in the clusters and networks.
• Participation in PLCs with the same or similar objectives, as well as their management and representation.

Responsible for the contents:
DI (FH) Werner Pamminger, MBA, CEO, Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH

For the sake of easier legibility, distance was taken from a gender-neutral spell. Where such designations are given only in the masculine form, they apply equally to female employees.

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General Terms of business:

1 Areas of application

These General Terms of Business (subsequently referred to as GTB for short) form the basis for all legal transactions between Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH (subsequently referred to as Clusterland for short) and another contractual partner and represent an integral part of all quotations, services and deliveries.

Therefore, other conditions of the contractual partner shall remain inapplicable, even when the Clusterland does not raise specific objection.  The GTB shall also apply to extended performance or changes to existing contracts, even when not expressly referred to.

Our employees shall not be entitled to reach any agreements deviating from the GTB.

Individual contractual deviations shall require the written consent of both contractual parties.

2 Quotations

Quotations on our part shall only be made in writing and be binding for one month. Order confirmation shall always be made in writing and both contractual parties shall complete the subsequent legally binding agreements with company signatures. 

3 Protection of intellectual property

The contractual parties undertake that all the analyses, reports, documentation, etc. prepared by Clusterland during contractual realisation shall only be employed for the order object. Without exception, the paid or unpaid transfer of data to third parties or a publication shall require the written consent of Clusterland.

The right of copyright to the performance provided shall remain with Clusterland. Even after the full payment of the agreed amount, the usufruct right of the contractual partner to the intellectual property contained in the performance provided shall be restricted to the objective of the contractual partner and the scope determined within the contract. Should an unauthorised transfer occur, Clusterland retains the right to assert a claim for damages.

4 Withdrawal, premature contractual cancellation

Unless otherwise agreed, the contractual partner shall have the right to withdraw from the contract is exchange for the payment of a cancellation charge amounting to 20% of the contractual value without the presentation of reasons (§ 909 Austrian Civil Code). The right of judicial restraint shall be excluded in all cases.   

5 Data use

Should partner companies, customers, participants in competitions, etc. provide us with data, diverse information material, graphics, photos, etc. it shall be guaranteed that those persons furnishing us with this material dispose over all usufruct rights and may transfer these to us.

6 Confidentiality

We guarantee that all data about which we shall be informed, will be dealt with confidentially and employed only for the agreed purpose.

7 Conditions of payment

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, the prices stated in the order shall apply exclusive of turnover tax and miscellaneous charges and taxes applying in individual cases. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, half the payment shall be made in advance as a down payment upon the provision of the order confirmation and half following the completion of the order and the presentation of an invoice. Payment shall be due upon the receipt of an invoice without deductions.

8 Address

The contractual partner shall inform us immediately in writing of changes of address. Otherwise, following the standard postal process, written messages shall be regarded as delivered, when they have been sent to the address last made known to us.

9 Miscellaneous

Should individual provisions of the contract or these GTB become invalid or unenforceable, this shall have no effect on the remaining conditions. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a provision that comes closest to the purpose of the contract or this agreement.

10 Dispatch of e-mails

It is expressly agreed that Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH may provide its contractual partners with information via its monthly newsletter, as well as information relating to new products and services via e-mail. 

11 Legal seat and applicable law

The responsible court at the company seat in Linz shall be responsible for any disputes arising from this contract. Austrian law shall be applied.

The application of the UNCITRAL agreement of the United Nations relating to contracts concerning international goods transport is excluded.

Linz, July 2006