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Plastics meet Electronics.

Controls, sensors or logic (mounted on flexible subtrates) embedded in moulded plastics.
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Welcome to the world of Smart Plastics

Smart Plastics is a technology platform which is developing structural electronics applications and corrsponding manufacturing processes.

The divers technology portfolio enables various ways of seamless and cost-effective integration of electrical, opto-electrical or electromechanical features into 3D shaped plastic products.

Our Offers

You search for a simple way to seamlessly add electronic functions to your products?

We have the right technology portfolio for you!

We offer strategic partnerships for joint pre-development projects, well established industrial production Environments,
joint developments of innovative materials, processes and products, design & feasibility studies and technology consulting.


Top surface quality meets electronics. Visit A5-5204 for further Information!.

Curious about conformal and structural electronics solutions?

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In einem Gemeinschaftsprojekt haben sieben Unternehmen der Initiative Smart Plastics (ISP) eine neuartige Technologiekombination für die Herstellung von beheizten, qualitativ hochwertigen Oberflächen für automotive Anwendung entwickelt. Ihre Premiere feiern die ersten Demo-Bauteile auf der Fakuma 2018 in Friedrichshafen in Deutschland.

"Our environment is currently changing drastically. More and more machines and devices of any kind are going to be embedded with electronics, sensors and software enabling them to interact with its environment. One of the key advantages of the smart plastics technology is, that electronic circuits can be manufactured in a roll-to-roll fashion and cost-effectively implemented into injection moulded compounds of various kinds."

Martin Bergsmann
CEO Hueck Folien

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