The overall aim of the project is to develop an Ultra-Slim Human Interface Device Prototype.

The technological developments within the 3D-MEOD project are focusing on:

  • Transparent, highly conductive, Indium-free, formable electrode systems
  • Foil-based, formable lighting-system
  • Printable and formable, highly conductive traces
  • Formable Pyzoflex® – sensor-Buttons
  • Integriertes Display
  • Monolithically integrated OLEDs
  • Functional film-insert moulding of various polymers
  • Simulation of high pressure forming and film-insert moulding processes

3D MEOD Value Chain

The three different components Display Touch Interface (based on transparent capacitive touch) the Back-Lighting System (based on SMD-LED or OLED) and the Control Buttons (based on piezoelectric touch) are implemented into a thin multilayer stack of polymer foils (in total a couple of 100s of µm thin).

The flexible, functional multi-layer stack is subsequently high-pressure formed and finally in-moulded.

3d meod value chain

3D MEOD Prototypes

This Project is funded by FFG.