The smart plastics technology offer a bunch of advantages over classical approaches for component functionalisation.

Function follows designHigh degree of design freedom is offered with respect to 3D-shape and low component height
Hybrid electronicsSmart plastics combines the advantages of large area roll-to-roll coating process and high-throughput mounting of conventional of-the-shelf, electronic components.
Single partsThe number of single parts used for manufacturing of smart plastics products is significantly reduced.
WeightAs a consequence of significantly reduced number of single parts and the potentially low component heights the overall weight of smart plastics products is reduced as well.
Chemical resistanceHigh chemical and physical resistance can be achieved by using specific top coats or layers. The absence of feedthroughs additionally prevents the penetration of substances.
Physical resistanceThe seamless Integration of electronical components directly into the body parts provides increased resistance against mechanical impatcts. Hard or self-healing top coats offer high scratch resistance.
Surface finishInline top-coating proceseses offer cost-effective design surfaces with high chemical and physical resistance.