Surface Finishing

The functional film insert moulded polymer products can be finished by a thin polyurethane layer on top. This top-coat has protective als well as aesthetic properties. The finishing of functional plastic components can be carried out in separate low- and high pressure casting units or in direct combination with the injection moulding process (ClearRIM, ClearMELT).

Advantages :

  • High chemical (e.g. discolouring, climatic change) and physical (e.g. scratch, impact) resistance, even with thin top-coat layers.
  • A variety of depth and 3-D-effects can be achieved due to precise control of the PU layer thickness.
  • Adjustable tactile properties (from hard to soft).
  • Comprehensive portfolio of decorative color or effect lacquers.
  • No need for multi-layer paint coatings reduces manufacturing time drastically.
  • One step solution in order to meet discerning demands of various branches